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Sristi ANI and Orgavitaz

Sristi ANI is the Active Natural Ingredients division of Sristi Bio-sciences Private Limited. Our core strengths in natural products R&D, particularly the actives library from plant, marine and animal sources has resulted in identifying a range of specialized actives from plant sources that address basic deficiencies as dietary supplements. Sristi ANI is an independent business division of Sristi Bio-sciences which integrates agriculture model, manufacturing model and the marketing offices across the various countries for a seamless integration of supply chain management for active natural ingredients.

Orgavitaz is the first family brand under Sristi ANI that is positioned to address a critical category of VDS (Vitamins and Dietary Supplements). VDS is dominated by either synthetic with very high potency and poor bio-availability or isolates from natural sources that work very similar to synthetics. Orgavitaz addresses critical problems of VDS category by introducing a new segment of Bio-vitamins that are functionally different from the existing vitamin supplements.

Orgavitaz is fully agriculture dependent standardization of vitamins and minerals that offer low concentration and highly bio-available format, which is completely opposite to the current trend of vitamins supplementation.

Orgavitaz is a Bio-potent, 100% natural, Vegan and certified Organic Vitamins and Minerals as whole-food complex derived from captively grown Indian Greens, vegetables and fruits. Orgavitaz offers a balance of optimal dosage of Vitamins & Minerals for an average 2,000 calories-a-day diet. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), Adequate Intake (AI) and Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) are optimized to make Orgavitaz the best DV contributor for optimal health. Orgavitaz brings variations to accommodate age, physiological changes and metabolic conditions with choice for specific deficiencies, Children, Men, Women, Pregnant, Lactating, Diabetic, Sports, etc. Orgavitaz offer equivalents of certain less available vitamins through vegan sources like B12, D3 and K2.

Orgavitaz is available as bulk to manufacturers and marketers that comes with all documentation for establishing right packaging and label claims. Orgavitaz is available in formulation friendly formats for formulators and manufacturers with good dispersibility, wettability, bulk density, hydration, emulsifying properties and gelation. We offer custom manufacturing and development for unique formulatory specifications like pre mixes, soup mix, salad toppings, cookies, shakes, bakings, etc.

Orgavitaz as a Natural concentrate of Vitamins and Minerals as a complex derived from safe vegan sources helps to;