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Mushroom based Ergocalciferol 2%


OrgaVitaz D2 is a mushroom extract standardized for Ergocalciferol as an organic whole-food source of Vitamin D with controlled sunlight exposure.

About OrgaVitaz D2

Vitamin D3 is proving to be the stronger form of Vitamin D as opposed to ergocalciferol, or Vitamin D2, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine have found that vitamin D2 is equally as effective as vitamin D3 in maintaining 25-hydroxyvitamin D status (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism Study). Ergocalciferol as a supplement helps Vitamin D function, skin care, strengthen bones, regulate immune response, as a powerful anti-oxidant and as an anti-carcinogen.


20 mcg of Mushroom-based Vitamin D2 offers 100% RDA of Vitamin D.

Health Benefits

treat poor parathyroid function.
prevent low phosphate levels.
treat rickets.

Directions for use

Recommended based on physician suggestion, allergy to ergocalciferol and based on other medications taken along with this.