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Green Tea Extract Standardized for 1.5% Phylloquinone

Green Tea

OrgaVitaz K1 is an extract of Gyokuro type organic green tea standardized for 1.5% Vitamin K.

Shade grown Green tea (minimum 3 weeks) is an excellent source of natural and vegan Vitamin K. Japanese call it Gyokuro Green Tea. Every gm of Gyokuro type green tea reports nearly 50 mcg of Vitamin K.


10mg of OrgaVitaz K1 provides 100% US RDA of Vitamin K requirements.

Co-nutrients from Gyokuro like flavonoids, polyphenols and proanthocyanidins are potent antioxidants. Polyphenols also block absorption of cholesterol in your intestines and increase its excretion.

Health Benefits
  • mechanism of blood coagulation
  • bone calcification
  • Prevents calcium build up in arteries