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Natural Lichen based Cholecalciferol - 0.1%


3 selective strains picked from western ghats

OrgaVitaz-D3 is a 100% Natural and Vegan Cholecalciferol extracted with green solvents from selective strains of Lichens picked from lichen diversity of western ghats in South India.

About Lichens

Indian rich Lichen flora represents 2450 species and temperate regions of western ghats in India is a lichen-rich habitat. Early use of Lichen as nutrition and medicine has been reported in Atharveda (1500 B.C.). Lichens is widely used in Indian Ayurveda as a medicine, while Indian food dishes uses Lichens as a condiment.

Secondary metabolites of Lichens has been widely investigated for its therapeutic potential. However, identification of cholecalciferol from Lichen diversity has been reported as early as its utility in foods, and raw lichens as been sold in Indian super stores widely. 

We have identified three strains of Lichens for high Cholecalciferol content. Its distribution is seasonal. We are moving away from wild picking to mycobiont culture and stabilization of the culture to determine the impact of substrate.

We grow and extract D3 in absolutely controlled conditions.


25 mg of OrgaVitaz-D3 offers 100% US RDA of vitamin D requirements.

  • Reported Biological Activity (Lichens Co-nutrients and D3)
  • Antimicrobial and antoxidant activity
  • Immunomodulating and hepatoprotective activity
  • Cytotoxicity and Anti-cancer supplementation
Health Benefits
  • Critical for absorption of Minerals like Calcium and Phosporous; directly connected to bone health
  • Important for neurological well being and is proving to be connected to Alzheimer’s risk, depression, anxiety disorder and mental irritation.
  • Vitamin D3 and its analogs have particular advantages for immune homeostasis.