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0.5% Natural Molybdenum from Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves

OrgaVitaz-Mo is an extract Organic Moringa leaves standardized for 0.5% Natural Molybdenum. Dry Moringa Leaves have 45 mg/Kg of Molybdenum, when the ash content is extracted properly for chelation. The extract is standardized for primarily glycinate of Molybdenum and other proteinates using the leaf protein. 


10 mg of OrgaVitaz-Mo offers 100% RDA of Natural Molybdenum from organic moringa leaves, in addition to standardized moringa leaf proteins and other nutrients.

Biological Function

Molybdenum is a biological catalyst for reactions in which proton and electron transfer, and possibly oxygen transfer. Molybdoenzymes are Sulfite oxidase catalyses the oxidation of sulfite to sulfate, necessary for metabolism of sulfur amino acids; Xanthine oxidase catalyses oxidative hydroxylation of purines and pyridines including conversion of hypoxanthine to xanthine and xanthine to uric acid; Aldehyde oxidase oxidises purines, pyrimidines, pteridines and is involved in nicotinic acid metabolism. Low dietary molybdenum leads to low urinary and serum uric acid concentrations and excessive xanthine excretion.

Health Benefits
  • Molybdenum is used in the transport of iron in the body. This effect may help to support healthy oxygenation levels in the blood, especially in women.
  • A Molybdenum based compound helps to regulate the amount of copper in the body. This function may be helpful for managing the signs of copper toxicity.
  • Many foods contain sulfites as a result of processing techniques. Molybdenum can help to manage a sensitivity to sulphites.
  • Aldehyde oxidase is a molybdenum enzyme that can detoxify aldehyde, which is a metabolic waste product.