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Multivitamins for General Women Health

Extract Blend – All Organic

OrgaVitaz-Women is a broad spectrum vitamins-rich extract blend of selected greens, vegetables and fruits that are grown organic and processed carefully to offer whole food value. Women and men aren’t the same, when it comes to their health risks. OrgaVitaz-Women is a judicious blend of extracts that reduce health risks of women with its broad spectrum vitamins and co-nutrients.

Health Risk Unique to Women:
  • Heart disease, which accounts for around 27 percent of all female deaths, kills more women in the United States than all forms of cancer combined.
  • Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Lung cancer and Cervical Cancer are the leading cancer risk for women.
  • Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and degenerative brain disorder responsible for about 4 percent of all female deaths in the United States. More than half of the 4.5 million Americans living with this condition are women, and more women die from the disease than men.
  • A woman’s risk of breaking a hip is equal to her combined risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. Being female is a high risk of developing osteoporosis and broken bones by age.
  • Reproductive Health from menarche to menopause is a critical component of women’s health as it offers a diverse forms of degenerative health conditions.
Vitamins on Reproductive Health of Women
  • Folate metabolism affects ovarian function, implantation, embryogenesis and the entire process of pregnancy.
  • B12 deficiency can have on the reproductive system, from cell abnormalities in the cervix and uterus to anovulation and abnormal estrogen levels, which are vitally necessary for successful full-term pregnancies.
  • Research study of 18,500 women found that those taking iron supplements were 40 percent less likely to suffer from ovarian-related fertility problems.
  • vitamin D deficiency is “associated with impaired fertility, endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Evidence from observational studies shows higher rates of preeclampsia, preterm birth, bacterial vaginosis and gestational diabetes in women with low vitamin D levels.”
OrgaVitaz-Women Health Benefits
  • D3-K2-A along with minerals from OrgaVitaz offers a balance for Osteoporosis related health risk.
  • B9-Fe-D3-B12-Zn in combination addresses critical reproductive health of women across ages.
  • Tocochromanols and Mixed Carotenoids helps reduce cancer risk with its powerful anti-oxidant potential and cardiac risks.
  • E-C-D3-b12-Zn along with the flavonoids, polyphenols and co-nutrients helps in reducing Alzheimer’s risk.
  • Supplementing OrgaVitaz-Women with our Ca-Mg ionic supplement shall add value to women health value.