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Natural Lichen based Cholecalciferol - 0.1%


Green Tea


OrgaVitaz E is a natural complex of Organic Soybean, Organic Green Tea and Organic Annatto that brings together a judicious mix of Tocochromanols.

Tocochromonals are the most effective group of lipophilic phenolic antioxidants. Alpha Tocopherols has the greatest physiological vitamin E activity. Tocotrienols play a specific role which goes beyond their known vitamin E antioxidant activity like cholesterol-lowering activity and additional cardiovascular benefits.


150 mg of OrgaVitaz E offers 100% US RDA of Vitamin E as recommended only for alpha Tocopherol

Referred Biological Function

Chain-breaking antioxidant that inhibits the production of reactive oxygen species molecules when fat undergoes oxidation and during the propagation of free radical reactions.
Vitamin E promotes membrane repair by preventing the formation of oxidised phospholipids that theoretically might interfere with the membrane fusion events.
Regulation of Platelet Aggregation and Protein Kinase C Activation.

Health Benefits
  • It protects cells from damage, and aid in lowering a variety of health problems, from heart disease to cancer through its powerful anti-oxidant activity.

  • Production of hormone-like substances that regulate a variety of body processes, including blood pressure, reproduction and muscle contraction.

  • Vitamin E is vital to a functioning immune system. Vitamin E can also protect eye sight in a long-term risk of age-related cataracts.