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When you think of Certified Organic 100% Natural and Vegan Safe and Healthy 
Whole-Food Vitamins/Minerals Complex

When you think of Certified Organic Whole Food Vitamins/Minerals Complex
Nature always packages vitamins in groups. The vitamins work together for better absorption. For this reason, the body responds to an isolated vitamin in the same way it responds to a toxin.”—Organic Consumers Association (OCA)
When you this 100% Natural and Vegan Whole Food Vitamins/Minerals Complex
Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner, put it this way, “You can trace every ailment, every sickness, and every disease to a vitamin and mineral deficiency.
When you this Safe and Healthy Whole Food Vitamins/Minerals Complex
Natural Ingredients are different from 'Made from Natural' delineating organic affinity from nature sourced. Our science of organic is evolutionary and functionally vibrant.

What Is Orgavitaz

Orgavitaz is a Complete-Vitamin-Complex
ingredient in its whole-food form.

Orgavitaz is a

ingredient in its whole-food form.

Vital nutrients cannot always be vital natural isolates or synthetics that can independently work on deficiencies. They mostly come from whole-food as a complex and makes it complete by biological function. Vitamins in whole-food forms are colloidal, in the form of enzymes, coenzymes, peptides, natural metabolites, activators and minerals complexes. In the absence of such complexes, the vitamins are less active or inactive or at times harmful. 

Orgavitaz offers vitamins and minerals as complexes in its naturally existing form that can control the way the body recognizes, metabolises and absorbs them for bodily functions.

Virtue of ‘being-natural’ arises from the extensive metabolic variations that contribute to diverse biological functions.
Orgavitaz equally represents secondary metabolites and rare leaf proteins as glycoproteins, lipoproteins and other metabolic forms that are critical for bodily function.
Proprietary technology
BIO OCTAVE ‘Bio-available-Organic-Cellular-Targeted-Active Vitamer Entities
Comprehensive Range
Orgavitaz has a comprehensive coverage of all vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins like B12 and D3 that are less available in vegan formats. Range is classified to address Deficiencies, age-related, condition-specific and regenerative health.
Orgavitaz is compliant, traceable, sustainable and immutable for its supply chain traces
Clinical Development
Orgavitaz range is clinically evaluated/under evaluation for its bioavailability and function.



Orgavitaz ingredients are vitamin-rich or/and mineral-rich food complexes manufactured with no intervention of chemicals, excipients or carriers in any form. It is scientifically evident that naturally existing forms have high organic affinity and biological integrity, when they interact with the human body, unlike synthetics or isolates from naturals. Orgavitaz brings vitamins and minerals in plants as they exist through minimal-processing interventions and naturally existing bio-enhancers like plant-based solvents, enzymes and beneficial microbes as means to achieve desirable standardized forms.  
So Orgavitaz’s whole-food forms does not represent a single form of vitamin/mineral and it cannot offer higher concentrations, but definitely with higher equivalence of bio-availability. Orgavitaz standardized forms are carefully processed, just to offer right naturally possible concentrations without compromising the food and co-nutrient value. Thousands of phytoconstituents are present in the whole-food complexes that are synergistic to vitamin/mineral activity and their biological activity is because of their synergistic effect. 

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Orgavitaz for Deficiencies

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  1. Total Cobalamines for Vitamin B12 Deficiency
  2. Food Foliate and Iron for Woman Reproductive Health
  3. Caroteniods for Vitamin A Deficiency
  4. Tocochromonals for Vitamin E Deficiency
  5. D – Phytosterols for Vitamin D3 Deficiency
  6. Food Biotin for Vitamin B7 Deficiency

Orgavitaz for Health conditions

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  1. Neuroix -12 for Neuro degenerative health
  2. Eaztrium for Pre Menstrual Syndrome
  3. Cartilazen for Arthritis Health
  4. Dieat for Diabetic Health
  5. Osteoniplex for Bone Health
  6. Onconein for Cancer Health

Orgavitaz for Age related

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  1. Kids Health
  2. Women Health
  3. Men Health
  4. Menopause
  5. Sports Rehabilitation

Orgavitaz for Regenerative Health

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  1. Oxyoptima for Oxidative stress
  2. Regenix for Cellular Health
  3. Ayucoxib for Inflammatory Health
  4. ----- for Sleep
  5. ----- for Eye Health

Orgavitaz for Deficiencies

Orgavitaz for Health conditions

Orgavitaz for Age related

Orgavitaz for Regenerative Health


Organic Regulation (EC) No 834 / 2007
Food Safety Regulation (EC) No 178 / 2002
Hygiene Regulation (EC) No 852 / 2004
Allergen Regulation (EC) No 1169 / 2011
Microbiology Regulation (EC) No 2073 / 2005
Contaminants Regulation (EC) No 1881 / 2006
Pesticides Regulation (EC) No 396 / 2005
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Regulation (EC) No 1830 / 2003
Packing Regulation (EC) No 1829 / 2003
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Food Adictive Regulation (EC) No 231 / 2012
Regulation (EC) No 1333 / 2008
PCB Regulation (EC) No 1259 / 2011
PAH Regulation (EC) No 2005 / 108
Prop 65 Batch selection process to meet the prop 65 limits for lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury
OrganicRegulation (EC) No 834 / 2007
Food SafetyRegulation (EC) No 178 / 2002
HygieneRegulation (EC) No 852 / 2004
AllergenRegulation (EC) No 1169 / 2011
MicrobiologyRegulation (EC) No 2073 / 2005
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PCBRegulation (EC) No 1259 / 2011
PAHRegulation (EC) No 2005 / 108
Prop 65Batch selection process to meet the prop 65 limits for lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury

USP - Product design

Product Identity

  • Broad-spectrum vitamers
  • DNA Fingerprinted Botanical Identity
  • Third Party Monitored Identity
  • Program (VCS-MPP)
  • Proprietary Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Botanical Identity Stewardship
  • Green Chemistry


  • Organic Stewardship
  • Food Safety
  • Non-GMO
  • Contaminants
  • GMP
  • QBD Traceability


  • CEORA – Sustainability innovation
  • ICS – Livelihood Mission
  • GAP and OCP – FarmFIT
  • Sustainability Differential Pricing
  • Climate Smart Interventions
  • ARISE – Rural Sustainability Program


  • Realtime Stability Studies
  • Bioavailability Differential
  • Active Cellular Nutrition
  • Clinical Studies
  • Functional/Formulatory Studies
  • Comprehensive Safety Assessment


Sristi ANI and Orgavitaz

Sristi ANI is the Active Natural Ingredients division of Sristi Bio-sciences Private Limited. Our core strengths in natural products R&D, particularly the actives library from plant, marine and animal sources has resulted in identifying a range of specialized actives from plant sources that address basic deficiencies as dietary supplements. Sristi ANI is an independent business division of Sristi Bio-sciences which integrates agriculture model, manufacturing model and the marketing offices across the various countries for a seamless integration of supply chain management for active natural ingredients.

Orgavitaz is the first family brand under Sristi ANI that is positioned to address a critical category of VDS (Vitamins and Dietary Supplements). VDS is dominated by either synthetic with very high potency and poor bio-availability or isolates from natural sources that work very similar to synthetics. Orgavitaz addresses critical problems of VDS category by introducing a new segment of Bio-vitamins that are functionally different from the existing vitamin supplements.

Orgavitaz is fully agriculture dependent standardization of vitamins and minerals that offer low concentration and highly bio-available format, which is completely opposite to the current trend of vitamins supplementation.

Orgavitaz is a Bio-potent, 100% natural, Vegan and certified Organic Vitamins and Minerals as whole-food complex derived from captively grown Indian Greens, vegetables and fruits. Orgavitaz offers a balance of optimal dosage of Vitamins & Minerals for an average 2,000 calories-a-day diet. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), Adequate Intake (AI) and Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) are optimized to make Orgavitaz the best DV contributor for optimal health. Orgavitaz brings variations to accommodate age, physiological changes and metabolic conditions with choice for specific deficiencies, Children, Men, Women, Pregnant, Lactating, Diabetic, Sports, etc. Orgavitaz offer equivalents of certain less available vitamins through vegan sources like B12, D3 and K2.

Orgavitaz is available as bulk to manufacturers and marketers that comes with all documentation for establishing right packaging and label claims. Orgavitaz is available in formulation friendly formats for formulators and manufacturers with good dispersibility, wettability, bulk density, hydration, emulsifying properties and gelation. We offer custom manufacturing and development for unique formulatory specifications like pre mixes, soup mix, salad toppings, cookies, shakes, bakings, etc.

Orgavitaz as a Natural concentrate of Vitamins and Minerals as a complex derived from safe vegan sources helps to;

Learn Vitamins

Synthetic Vs Natural Vs Whole-Food Bio-Format

Generally Marketed Vitamins are compounds or single chemicals essential in small quantities for normal growth and development of bodily functions of human. Vitamin compounds can be synthesized, in high concentrates (high potency). This is the principle followed by most supplement manufacturers, the majority of which are pharmaceutical companies. These vitamins are termed “synthetic”. (Though they can be labeled “natural” even if they come from sugar or coal tar or petroleum).

Vitamins and mineral elements are so complex, and have so many parts that are dependent upon each other, that when separated they no longer can produce a normal nutritional effect on the body. According to this theory, an overdose of any one vitamin, as it occurs with separated out or synthetic vitamins, can be hazardous to the body. Complete vitamins, with all of their parts and necessary cofactors are often termed “whole-food vitamins”, since they are derived entirely from whole foods.

A vitamin consists of “organic nutrient(s) identified not just as the vitamin, but also enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants and trace element activators.” A vitamin complex is not simply an individual chemical or several chemicals. It must contain all factors that make up the vitamin function in its entirety.

Misleading natural Claims

Learn Orgavitaz

It is difficult to recognize whole-food vitamins unlike synthetic vitamins;

‘Vitamin C as ascorbic acid’ is not whole-food, instead Amla berry C Complex, Acerola Cherry C complex, or  Citrus C Complex

‘Vitamin A as Retinol in palmitates or succinates’ is not whole-food, instead Mixed Carotenoids from Carrots, Marigold, Moringa or Tomatoes.

Whole-foods are vitamin complexes that comes with its core co-nutrients. Carrier food factor is important to recognize a whole-food vitamins complex, sugars, proteins, fatty acids, enzymes and other nutrient activation factors are always linked with whole-food vitamins as a result the body absorbs it as a nutrient.

Science Behind OrgaVitaz

Our Natural Products R&D has deep knowledge and experience in vitamin biosynthesis and plant metabolic pathways. We bring together an approach to broad spectrum plant-based vitamins with a clear understanding of vitamins physiology in humans. Our vitamins standardization process believes in minimal disturbance to the profile of ingredients to ensure that vitamins are not detached from its co-factors. For relatively higher concentrations, we ensure that the vitamins and co-factors are together even if detached. We hydrolyse and stabilize vitamins using plant-based solvents and plant-based enzymes. Our proprietary plant-based solvents are unique to its purpose of utility.

Broad-spectrum plant-based Vitamins

Most “natural” vitamin supplements are chemically stripped down to a single vitamer, which are more closely related to synthetic vitamins than true plant-based vitamins. Orgavitaz offers broad spectrum plant-based vitamins. For instance, Provitamin A as Mixed Carotenoids, B12 as Total Cobalmin and Corrinoids, Vitamin E as Total mixed tocochromanols, etc..

Orgavitas offers Vitamin’s Microenvironment

Orgavitas’ naturally occurring vitamin complex exhibit a systemic relationship with Co-factors, Enzymes, transporters and other functional metabolites of the body. Microenvironment is a collection of related bio-transformative agents as plant metabolites facilitating critical bodily functions.  For instance, Moringa oleifera leaf juice offers flavonoids, tannins, saponins and other alkaloids including some flavoproteins as microenvironment to its vitamins complex. Lichens metabolites facilitates hydroxylation in liver and kidney apart from offering bioactive vitamin D3 directly. Shiitake provides a great mix of dietary minerals, cobalamins and carotenoids provide a systemic food vitamin complex. Amla provides a perfect Vitamin c complex microenvironment with its other metabolites like Bioflavonoids, Rutin, Quercetin, tannins, etc.

Plant-based Solvents

Water Extraction of vitamins involves assistance of plant-based solvents for hydrolysis of vitamins. Our proprietary plant-based alternatives for organic solvents are selectively used to standardise vitamins. For Instance, Amla and Lemon for acid hydrolysis, plant-based vinegar, plant-based enzymes to represent amylases and takadiastases, etc.

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